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Hides the specified rows from The present perspective. rowIndexes can be an array of quantities representing the indexes from the rows to cover. These indexes are classified as the index numbers inside the fundamental table/look at

The kind of the returned worth relies on the column type (see getColumnType): In the event the column kind is 'string', the value is actually a string.

The JSON string returned by DataView.toJSON(). This is a description of which rows to show or cover from the info

This formatter does not follow the conventions for that constructor as well as structure() strategy. See the Solutions section underneath for Guidelines. Techniques

columnIndex should be a range greater than or equal to zero, and fewer than the amount of columns as returned because of the getNumberOfColumns() method. The kind of the returned objects is similar to that returned via the getValue system. getFilteredRows(filters)

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] is actually a string with the worth formatted as being a string. To prevent overwriting this worth, set this parameter to undefined; to crystal website clear this value and possess the API apply default formatting to value as needed, established it to null; to explicitly established an empty formatted value, established it to an vacant string.

from your fundamental desk is safe and alterations will probably be propagated on the perspective instantly (but you must get in touch with draw() on any visualizations immediately after this alteration to possess get more info the new row established rendered).

is 'interior', all important cells ought to be populated. For other join methods, if no matching vital is observed, the table can have a null for any unmatched key cells. Examples

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This really is optionally exposed by visualizations that wish to Enable you to entry the now picked data inside the graphic.

Notice that In the event your see has filtered out rows by calling one of the setRows() or hideRows() approaches, and you simply add or get rid of rows through the fundamental table, the conduct is unpredicted; you have to create a new DataView to reflect The brand new desk. Switching mobile values

- The qualifications coloration for cells holding values on the very low finish on the gradient. Values is usually either '#RRGGBB' values or defined shade constants, (case in point: '#FF0000' or 'pink'). toBgColor

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